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Question: What does going en pointe do to your feet!?
Just curious!. Pointe fascinates me!. I'm just doing jazz right now, but I will probably begin ballet in the future, and may some day!.!. if everything falls together, maybe I'll be able to do pointe!.

I was just wondering about some basics!. I notice that a dancers feet goes through a ton of changes, and they use the term "sickling" a lot, and I believe from what I gathered, is what happens when your ankles are not quick strong enough and they curve like a sickle (like sickle cell anemia, RBC's go flat and curved)!.!.

Any info would be cool!. I'm just curious!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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I am not sure exactly what kinds of changes you mean!.
Probably the largest thing it does to your feet is make them sore!. Pointe shoes that fit perfectly will not give you blisters, but most people don't get custom pointe shoes, so most people get blisters!. Then there is the fact that no matter how good you are, and your shoes are, your body weight is still on the ends of only a few toes!. If your feet are not sufficiently well developed, if your bones are weak or if your muscles are not strong enough it can do other things, causing problems with the small bones and joints in your feet and ankles!.
From what it sounds like though, you are talking more about different habits that you develop when you do pointe!. The one I mostly notice is that you have to work harder on your ankle stability, because it's a bigger deal on pointe than it is on flat!. You are correct about what sickling is, and on pointe it's a fantastic way to fall, if you're luck, or break you ankle if you're not!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Well pointe work does cause bunions!Www@QuestionHome@Com