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ey so i do dancing and no one reallly talks to me btw!. i do have friends at school!. there just all little bittttcheess there!. and i have to do a course for the whole 2 days and theres all these diff dancing types we all have to do and the only think im good is ballet!. and i wont be talking to no one coz ill be lonely and my teacher makes us talk for a while then start dancing and i always stand there being lonely!. so what do i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Hey i No How you feel i mean the lasses at dancing are well two of them are proba bitches and the other two just hang around together and dont speak to me much plus there all from the same area and go to the same school even thou there in differnt years!. and im from the opisit end of the city (btw theres more people but there mosty younger boys)!. it annoes me because i have loads of friends at school and im not like werid or noot!. Anyways so please dont give up because of that!. i Mean try to talk to them!. Even if there not your friends and you will never speak to them outside of dancing again, just try and have a conersation!. But Theres lots of things you could do!.
-Tie up Shoe laces!.
-Text a Friend (or pretend to)
-Talk to the teacher!.
-Bring a friend from school if you can!.
-Warm up / Stentch
-have a drink

Stuff like that passes the moments!.

Anyways hope you get some friends soon rember! new people make the best new friends!
Look luck xWww@QuestionHome@Com

Just do some warm ups instead!. You don't HAVE to talk to anyone!. If they are all bitchy then of course you don't want to talk to them!. I also wouldn't want to talk to people like that, and I wouldn't!. Don't feel like there is something wrong with you!. As you said you have friends at school, it's not like you have some problem with people generally or something!. You could always talk to the teacher instead, ask her questions about anything you have problems with in dancing!. Try not to worry too much!. After all you are there because you want to dance, not because you want to make friends with some unfriendly bitchy people!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com