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Question: Pep Rally-Nervous!!!! Need answers now!!?
So tomorrow I have to dance at my school's pep rally and my school isn't very!.!.!.kind!.!.!.to the dance team!. Like they never reconize us or anything!. ALL my friends will be there and I am afraid that the school will make fun of us or something!. If they do!.!.!.what should I do!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Im sure more people than not will greatly enjoy your dance team!. If you and your squad enjoys it than thats all that should matter!. If you guys feel like people wont really enjoy you (although im sure they will) create some new moves, add in some stunts, lifts, and/or throws!. Hope you do great!.!.!.and its normal to be nervous but dont worry about it and have fun =]Www@QuestionHome@Com

The exact same thing happened to me at out homecoming rally!. Our team has always had a nasty reputation!. But now we really turned over a new leaf with a brand new team!. This was my first year and people called me and the team awful names and I had been tripped by students!. It was awful!.

But we worked hard and I just had to let go for the performance!. It was a great routine that we felt confident about!. When it came down to it all you have to do is dance!. You really need to let go of the fact that maybe they don't appreciate you!. I'll tell you what though we gave it our all and you know what people started to like us again!. They congrulated us and it made us feel good!. So just dance and put on a smile and give them a show!. Who knows maybe they'll notice the team more afterwards!. If they make fun of you, ignore it don't let them hurt you!. Later if you must cry then by all means cry but once the crying's done you have to get up and try again!.

Hope this helped and Good Luck :]]]Www@QuestionHome@Com

Relax and have fun! If you appear like you are enjoying yourself, then you will appear confident! Just because other students don't appreciate dance doesn't mean that you can't love it! Dance for yourself! Don't be concerned what they think, as nobody is forcing them to be at the pep rally!. If they don't like it, they can leave!.Www@QuestionHome@Com