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Question: Chinese ribbon dance history!?
Where did it originate!? and what is the significance of it in their culture!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Here is what I discovered:

Chinese dance marks its origins around the 4th millennium BC!.

During the Han Dynasty in the year 206 BC, continues efforts were made to develop the folk songs and dances in the country!. During those days each regional group of China has its own folk dance forms!.

The spirited Ribbon Dance uses long Silk Ribbons fabricating calligraphic designs in the air!.

The evolution of modern Chinese dance has taken up by zealous talents!. Normally, young people undertake study ballet dance and modern dance initially, later on they study the procedure and linguistic rules of traditional Chinese dance!.

Slowly the learners take over to the new Chinese style body expressions and movements with a challenging mind for experimentation!. Since about 1970, the original and unique synthesis of young dancers has brought a reawakening in Chinese Dance and Drama!.

I hope this helps a bit!.

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