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Question: Need help w/ fouette!.!.!.!?
after a couple of turns I fall, I have trouble keeping myself up!. It's so annoying especially because I've done dance for almost 11yrs!. and my aunt is a teacher (who has her own studio)!. When my aunt was my age (14) her teacher told her she should go dance (ballet) in new york while I can't even do a fouette right ( i'm not good at ballet, mainly I'm good at tap!.)!. please help me, it's kind of embarrassing being one of the worst ones in my ballet class while my aunt is teacher! oh ya also I can only do at the most a triple pirouette, how can I get better at those!? Thanks! :)Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Make sure to SPOT!. Whip your head around and find yourself in the mirror, so you are always trying to look to the front (mirror)!.
I find it hard to do that, I spot something brightly colored, etc!.

also make sure to use your ARMS!. Whip them as FAST as you can, but make sure not to overswing!. You want to keep them in front of you, your shoulderblades not sticking out!.

Oh, and try to just practice moving your legs without turning first!. You can get where everything goes that way, as well as with the bar, stopping at each one!.
also practice balancing in a perfect posse as well!. :)Www@QuestionHome@Com

make sure your ribs are tucked in and SPOT SPOT SPOT!!! have your aunt make sure your body is aligned!. keep on practicing and you'll get it right!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

first of all, ask your teacher what your doing wrong, then work specifically on that!.
have you ever tried doing a la secondes!?
they're fouettes but you dont bring your leg back into passe!.
i think they're easier, and once you get them down you should have a better feel of fouettes!.
it also helps to take a HUGE preparation!. this gives you the push you need!.
also, you may be coming into passe too quickly or too soon!.
these should help:
keep practicing and remember to straighten your knees and point your toes! :DWww@QuestionHome@Com