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Question: Wat kind of clothes do dancers usually wear!?

i was just wondering bcause i love the outfits the dancers in movies like step up 1&2 and another cinderella story, etc!.

so any outfit ideas!? like wat do dancers usually wearWww@QuestionHome@Com

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I don't specifically buy clothes from a dance store because I am not competing!. However when I go dancing I put on a knee length skirt that has some weight!. I would never wear a silk skirt because it could easily get ripped and the amount of sweat you get while dancing would quickly stain such a delicate fabric!. So any delicate fabric that could get ripped, stained, or costs alot to clean save for low energy events!. However stay away from heavy fabrics so you don't sweat alot like a wool skirt!. Skirts whose cut is not restricting also like pencil skirts!. You could wear a pencil skirt in theory if the fabric were stretch however I would not find it comftorable!. As for shirts do not wear white unless you want to risk sweat stains, because its not just your sweat but your partner gets sweaty and you can end up rubbing against other sweaty dancers!. I wear shirts with breathable fabric and dark colors!. Sometimes I wear black pants made of blue jean that reach below my waist so they are between high waisted pants and low rise!. If I am going out waltzing or foxtrotting its fun to wear an ankle length skirt however make sure there isn't to much bustle on the bottom so your partner doesn't step on your skirt!. The style of clothes you wear changes also with what kind of dancing you are doing!. Dressing up all sexy as if you were going to go latin dancing would look weird and not compliment your movements in waltzing!. Sometimes the way you dress is not only practicality but the way the fabric moves compliments the steps of the dance!. Like wearing a floaty skirt will make you look even more graceful in waltzing!. Are you asking this because you want to go dancing or you just want to dress more like a dancer but not really dance because the only way to look like a dancer is to be one!. I know when I dodge people through crowds I sometimes turn heads by how I weave gracefully however it is just second nature!. ( I ballroom dance)Www@QuestionHome@Com

well im in my schools dance team and we usually wear leggings and a cute muscle top !.!.!.but of course theirs different outfits for different kinds of music!.like in step up they dance to hip-hop and what i wear is usually a black muscle shirt with a cool hat and tight capris from the waist but baggy from the bottom!.!.!.with colorfull converseWww@QuestionHome@Com

I have been dancing for 5 years and at my dance school we wear leotards and ballet stockings for ballet and for jazz we wear our school's shirt and any type of black pants or shorts!.!.!. our dance school is kinda strict with the uniforming but yeah

hope this helps


dancers usually wear things they can stretch in like leggings with a stretchy skirt or shirts sweat pants anything stretchable or comftorble but still cute!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

it depends on what type!.

JAZZ - leotard and spandex or jazz pants with leotard!.
BALLET- leotard and tights
HIP HOP- sweatpants and tight topWww@QuestionHome@Com