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Question: How to prepare for high school dance team tryouts!?
i'm trying out my high school's dance team in march or april (i'm not sure when tryouts are)!. i'm in 8th grade!. i've been dancing since 5th grade, and i'm pretty good!. i have my right splits completely and almost have my left splits, and i can do almost three left pirouettes, but only one and a half right pirouettes!.
any tryout tips!? what should i expect!? how should i look (appearance)!? are there any conditioning exercises i can do besides wall sits and crunches!? & i've been told by various people that they DO base some thing on your appearance!. how so!?

if it helps, here's a video of the team at a kick conference!.

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I'd work on your right pirouettes!. I'm on the JV team at my school and we're doing double turns for competition!. One thing I learned at camp that would work for tryouts is act peppy and excited even if you feel like crap!.
In my team for conditioning we run a mile, do 100 crunches, 15 push ups, 15 backwards pushups, lunges (I counted, and I normally do about 40-ish), 65 calf raises, 15 leg throws, plank for 30 seconds and wall sits for 30 seconds!. Wow, that seems like a lot!. Oh, well!. It's not that hard after a while!.
When they base stuff off appearance, it's more like how do you act (are you bossy, social, etc!.) and do you look presentable!.
Hope that helped!Www@QuestionHome@Com

When at your tryouts look and feel confident and know what you are doing!. Practice you're pirouettes both left and right!. Strech everyday to get more flexible!. Build muscle in your legs and ankles!. Run or go to a gym to work out!. Be in nice fitting shorts with skin colored tights under neath that go right below your knees and wear a leotard and a tank top thats what i wear to dance!. Strech before you go and if they make you learn a routine be sure you know it!. I hoped i helped!!!! good luckWww@QuestionHome@Com

um!.!.!.!. run lots! because my friend is on her dance line and they run all the time! and try to get better at your right turns!. it's going to be tough to get on but i think you can do it! good luck!Www@QuestionHome@Com