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Question: My bff is having her sweet 16 and i cant dance!?
we were practsing are dance for ehr sweet16 and r main person that know how to dance hes like your to stiff anf your thinking about it to much and that exactly what the last person told me when me n my grop were woking on r dance project for school which i got a 60 on i just dont know how to not be stiff and not think about it and i'm also dislexic so i miss things up and i jsut dont know what to do and please dont not say jstu realx and be your self because I always over think things thats why i'mg having these probs and just relaxing wow if it was that simple i wouldnt be askin this questionWww@QuestionHome@Com

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take dancing classes, have fun, dont tense
watch some vids on youtube!.Www@QuestionHome@Com