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Question: How do I improve my dancing!?
I am in my 20's and I just started dancing 5 months ago!. I am in classes with teens and I notice the pick up the dance moves quicker than I do and that frustrates me!. Like I will have it down when the teacher shows us, but when she tells us to do the moves on our own, I forget!. I guess its because I get self-conscious, I dunno!. When I am at home, I dance my heart out, but not when I am in class!. How can I learn to be less self-conscious and just really get into it!? I have potential, but I have trouble giving my all!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Dancing is about passion, and passion only!. If you have it in your heart, nothing else really matters!.

1!. The other students
In class, do not think of how good this student next to you is, or how fast that other dancer picks step up, in a negative way!. Use it as a CHALLENGE and an INSPIRATION: "I will get there too"!. Everybody struggled at some point in their training, and these teens around have probably been taking class for well over 5 months, so they are used to it!

2!. Yourself
You need to be PATIENT with yourself!. The more regularly you take your classes, the faster you'll start picking up!. On the other hand, frustration can be a good motivator, if you channel it towards "let's do it again, and again, and again, I'll get it" instead of "gee, I'll never get it"!.
Dance is work, but dancers do the work because it's part of the fun!. If it's too easy, you'd get bored ;-)

3!. Train on your own too
After you take class, rehearse what you've just learned at home!. Teachers usually have a particular style, and some movements will be repeated; when they do, your body will remember that move and pick it up quickly!. You can also take some online dance classes to get used to picking up new steps on your own - check out http://www!.danceplug!.com/plug-away

Bottom line, you dance for yourself, so don't worry about everybody else!. In a class, I would admire a "not-so-well-trained" dancer that just lives it when she/he dances, over a dancer that does a perfect 10 pirouettes without any soul!.

Just keep going and enjoy yourself!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

you have to be confident i have the same issues but im 13 not 20 and i do the same thing i dance my heart out at home but at dance i hold back!.

Here's wat ya do you have believe in yourself that you know it and that you can do it better than any one else can focus and know what your doing practice the combination at home or in your head picture you doing it then you see the picture be the picture hoped i helped!!!!

good luckWww@QuestionHome@Com

just be confident in yourself, remember that your in your 20's while their still teens, so you shouldn't get nervous around them, and if your not as good as them if because they've prolly been taking for a long time! just do you best, work hard and try to think that no one else is there but you!.Www@QuestionHome@Com