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Question: I need to learn bachata dancing!?
Ok im a horrible dancer and its funny because im a musician and i can play any instrument and sing but i cant freaking dance which is so sad!.
Im mexican and well i see all my friends dance bachata
does anyone know where i can learn this for free online or something
i really want to learn so that i can impress my boyfriendWww@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
Okay first ask yourself what makes you a horrible dancer!? Since you already play an instrument congragulations picking up on the beat of the music will come more naturally!. Dancing is something you can not learn just online by yourself well I know I wouldn't be able to!. You may learn the basic steps which is good however you need to learn how to follow cues from the man as a begginer that means you need an experienced dancer to teach you!. Bachata is typically a slow dance so that and merengue which can get really fast but the steps are easy are good dances to start with!. I would ask your most experienced friends to teach you Bachata if you have limited amount of money and can't afford regular classes!. I think Bachata is the best to learn first!. It has a simple side step, its easy to find slow Bachata music, and the dance is a little close so you feel the lead more!. Focus on how to get and keep a good posture, what different cues from your partner mean, and keeping in step with the beat!. Even though the man is supposed to lead you keeping a nice firm frame (no jello arms) makes it easier for your partner to lead, lets him know your paying attention, and sometimes giving him cues!. When I want to tell my dance partner to look out for someone behind him I squeeze or push his shoulder as if I were leading him!. This is handy quicker way to communicate in a loud party!. Let me describe to you what a good frame is versus being a noodle!. Okay your partner pushes your hand back to tell you to step back your posture is loose so your arm bends back and you step late because you had noodle arms!. Don't be a noodle!. This is how it should have gone your partner pushes your arm back and it stays in the same position instead the force pushes that side of your body making your leg step back also!. On the other hand don't be like a robot!. While doing the basic steps count the numbers in your head or hum them!. This will be even more helpful when you start to do turns so that you know what step you will land on when finishing the turn!. My dance partner is very good however when he gets excited he starts to make up new moves!. Things can get crazy so I count the basic step so that I can finish the move smoothly as if I knew what was going on all the time!. No matter how advanced you become when in doubt counting the steps is an easy little trick!. Do not focus on learning any flashy moves FIRST MAKE SURE YOUR BASIC STEP IS SOLID!. I'm stressing this since you said you wanted to impress your boyfriend and may try to rush!. Practice doing the basic step with music until you barely have to think about it!. Start simple turns when you are comftorable with the basic step and following your partner!. When you are a very green begginer practicing without a partner can get you into bad habits such as making your steps too long or short!. This is general info however think about what exactly messes you up in dancing and work on it!. also I'm curious is your boyfriend a good dancer and you want to surprise him by learning some moves by youself!? If he is a good dancer take classes with him!. Men lead differently and you will find you dance better with some than others even if they have the same level of experience!. Learning the way your boyfriend moves will make dancing easier and easier till its like talking which I find also brings you closer to your partner!. So having a boyfriend thats also a good dance partner really turns up the romance and intimacy!. You Lucky Girl ;-)Www@QuestionHome@Com

Bachata is actaully a pretty easy dance!. Here, I looked through a bunch of videos on youtube & alot of them were not good!. But here are some good ones I found:




You can play any instrument and you're still trying to impress your boyfriend!? I guess your boyfriend is hard guy to impress!.

If you want to learn you can go on youtube!.com and type in bachata dance lessons!. I did and I found some good stuff!.

Good luck!.Www@QuestionHome@Com