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Question: What do you wear to your dance classes!?
What types of dance do you take and what do you wear with them (include type of shoes!)

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ballet/pointe- leotard (for checcitti graded classes a navy leo, but for nonsyllabys classes or vaganova black or whatever color i want)!. also, pink tights or occassionally black!. plus canvas or leather split sole ballet shoes, and pointe shoes for pointe work!. also, sometimes a black chiffon wrap skirt, or black shorts!.

lyrical- leotard, tights rolled up, foot thongs, booty shorts, and sometimes a tank top!.

jazz- same as lyrical except with jazz shoesWww@QuestionHome@Com

Jazz- tights, leotard, tight shirt, dance capri's, something called "teacher" shoes (black)!.

Tap- tights, leotard, shirt, dance capri's (or sometimes, I just wear my company warm up), tap shoes (duh!)!.

Lyrical- tights, leotard, shorts or skirt (sometimes dance pants), tight (sometimes loose) top, tan lyrical shoes!.

Ballet- Leotard, tights, our entire company has to wear these see-through (really ugly) floral skirts, ballet shoes!.

Hip-hop- tights, leotard, dance capri's (sometimes my company warm-up), loose (sometimes tight) shirt, I usually just wear my "teacher" shoes or my lyrical shoes!.

Pointe- Leotard, tights, sometimes a tight shirt (sometimes out company warm-up jacket), sometimes dance capris (or shorts, or skirt), pointe shoes!.

The reason that I wear tights and a leotard for things like hip-hop is that ALL my classes are the same day (but, of course, more than once a week)!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

- a leotard (i have heaps of leos - purple sansha, teal mirella, black bloch, blue bloch, random blue, random black etc etc!.)
-pink ballet tights
-ballet slippers (leather split sole bloch prolite 2)

- jazz pants or dance shorts
-one of the aforementioned leotards or a dance top or a t shirt
- ballet tights/jazz stockings/socks
- bloch split sole jazz shoes (black or caramel)

Hip hop:
-same clothes as jazz add a dance jacket
- street shoes or hip hop shoes

-same as jazz or balletWww@QuestionHome@Com

Ballet: pink tights(converable and roled up), black leotard with black soffee shorts and tank top!. pink ballet slippers
Lyrical: pink tights (covertable and rolled up) foot undez "nude color" soffes and tank top
Jazz: jazz shoes (black or tan, wut ever mood im in) split soles slip ons!. tights skin tone or pink roled up!. soffees and tee-****!.
Hip-Hop: same as jazz but i always wear black shoes not tan!.
kicklie: capizo dance sneaker!. uniform (for games) and for practice i just wear soffees and wut ever shirt says "wear me"Www@QuestionHome@Com

Ballet: black camisole leotard with convertible (the kind you can wear footed or rolled up) pink tights!. pink ballet slippers!.

Jazz (my favorite!) : black or brown shorts with tan capri tights!. tank top!. foot undeez!.

Musical Theater: same as jazz, but with tan or black jazz shoes instead of foot undeez!.

Hip Hop: baggy gym shorts or loose sweat pants!. tank top!.

i take ballet and jazz twice a week, and then production and hip hop once a week!.
in all classes, i wear my hair in a ponytail with my bangs in a poof so they don't get in my face!.
=D i love dancing!!! =DWww@QuestionHome@Com

If you take ballet u will need:
a black leotard (a tank 1 not short sleves or long sleves)
a pink leotard (a tank 1 not short sleves or long sleves)
pink tights
skin color tights
ballet shoes
schrunchies to make a bun
bobby pins for the bun
a ballet skirt (pink or black)
dance shorts (really short black tight stretchy shorts)
a water bottle
a dance bag for all ur dance stuff
anything else the teacher says u need

u might need more if u get into an advanced class, but for a beginning class thats all u will needWww@QuestionHome@Com

ballet: leotard, pink stockings and a skirt and pink ballet shoes!.

Jazz: leotard, stockings and shorts or jazz pants, and jazz shoes!.

jumps and turns: same as jazz except ballet shoes

tap: leotard and shorts or jazz pants and tap shoes, oh and stockings!.

hip hop: loose clothing and sneakersWww@QuestionHome@Com

ballet: leotard (black or pink if there's no uniform), tights (all the way to your feet, don't roll them up unless the teacher says you can) ballet flats (canvas or leather, split sole or full sole)
jazz: jazz shoes (black) t-shirt, stretchy pants like sweats or caprisWww@QuestionHome@Com

jazz: jazz shoes! duh! kinda like these ones http://estrelladancewear!.com/images/58%2!.!.!. and i wear for my top tank tops on hot days and if its not that hot then just a short sleeve t-shirt! and on the bottom mostly shorts but if not then sweats! and if i get really lazy then a skort

i answered ur Q! plz answer mine! http://answers!.yahoo!.com/question/index;!.!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Ballet: Black leotard with black booty shorts, nude leggings, either tan or black ballet shoes!.
Jazz: Same as ballet, or I wear a tank, leggings, shorts and footundeez!.
Hip-Hop: T-shirt or tank and sweatpants!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Black Leotard and Black Full-Length Stirrup Leggings!. We have a Black Ballet Wrap with the dance school logo on for cooler days!. We have black leather ballet slippers and pink satin pointe shoes!.

I only do ballet :)Www@QuestionHome@Com

For ballet I wear a black leotard with ballet tights underneath and ballet shoes!.
For modern and tap, I wear a black leotard and jazz pants!.

Ballet: Body suite,nylons, ballet skirt, ballet slippers

Tap: Body Suite, Nylons, tap shoesWww@QuestionHome@Com

im in dance line and this is what i wear and bring:
shorts or sweats
tank tops or t-shirt
socks or dance slippers
water bottle

modern- sweat pants or sweat shorts, t or tank!. Bare foot

Ballet- leo tights ballet slippersWww@QuestionHome@Com