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Question: Question regarding shoes for a toddler ballet/tap class!?
My daughter is 3 1/2 and I have just enrolled her in a ballet/tap combo class!. I did not take dance as a child, so I am clueless as to the sizing the the shoes!.

A woman in her dance class told me to get everything a size bigger, especially the tap shoes!. When I went to get my daughter fitted for the shoes, a size bigger was way too big, so I purchased shoes with "growing room", which was about 1/2 size bigger than her usual size!.

My questions are: Did I make a mistake by not buying the shoes a whole size bigger, even though they are way too big!? How snug are ballet slippers suppose to be!?

I can still exchange the shoes before her next class!.!.!.!.!.

I apologize if my questions seems stupid to some, like I said this is all new to me!.!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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They should be ok!. You want her to be comfortable and you also don't want them flying of her feet during class! At 3 1/2 she will be exaggerating her shuffles and flaps in tap class!. You may need to buy her another pair by the end of the season as she continues to grow!. The more you go to classes with her talk to the other parents!. There may be a child just a little older than yours there that outgrows her shoes fast as well!. Buying second hand never hurts! She will definitely go through many pairs! Dance class is so wonderful for children! I danced for 15 years and it is one of my favorite memories of childhood! Enjoy the recitals!Www@QuestionHome@Com

As a Tap and ballet teacher,Don't EVER Buy shoes they will grow into!.!.! If you go up on your toes and the heel falls out of the shoe!.!.!? I've had children kick them off into the mirror---NOT GOOD---If your studio has an exchange policy,where as they grow they can exchange into the next larger shoe----as you know,they can grow out of a pair in a week at that age so you usually get new shoes from another anyway!.!.! Dance Should Fit snugly,not sloppy!.!.! Www@QuestionHome@Com

She probably just said that because if she grows out of them, there kinda pricey!. Ballet shoe like, have to fit though!. Get 1/2 a size too big at most!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

The woman in her dance class told you this because she is a mother!. Mother's know how to stretch the money, and it will indeed save you money buying them bigger!. After all, little ones feet grow so quickly!. The woman did not tell you to buy them a whole size bigger to benefit her dancing!. She told you this in order for you to save some money!.

As she is so young, i don't believe these shoes will be a problem at the moment!. But you actually should not buy the shoes a size bigger or anything like that!. The shoes should fit perfectly!. Ballet slippers should be quite snug!. The lady probably told you to buy the tap shoes, especially, a size bigger as these don't stretch!. Ballet shoes can stretch a little, so even if her foot gets bigger, the shoes should last a bit longer!. The tap shoes, well, shell just grow out of!.

When she gets older, you need to make sure you buy her shoes that will fit her!. I teach ballet, so i can tell you right now that the importance of a good fit in ballet shoes is high!. I have no idea about tap shoes, never having taught it!.

Conclusion: you were right in not buying them a whole size bigger!. You little girl will be really uncomfortable in shoes hanging off of her feet, and won't be able to dance much!

Just be prepared to buy shoes for her often, as her feet will grow out of them!. Make sure she gets fitted for them!. Next time, buy the correct size, not one that shell 'grown in to!.'Www@QuestionHome@Com