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Question: How do you plan a high school prom!?
My high school is a small school, 300 enrolled for 9-12
All are invited and about 150 are expected to attend our annual prom!.
I am on the committe along with 5 others, what things are necessary to plan such an event!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
You need:

- caterer (either finger foods or a sit down dinner)
- a place to have it (they may also offer catering, you need to check capacity of the room/location, tell them its for a high school prom, check liability, check time of rental, what they take care of, what you need to take care of!.!.!. lighting, tables, chairs, dance floor, etc)
- a photographer (to do the couples shots, group shots, candid shots)
- music (either a dj or a live band)
- liability (safety reasons, etc)
- chaperones (usually there is a ratio of students per chaperone)
- theme and decorations and colors (table cloths, center pieces, balloons, archways, props, gift - we got picture frames at ours)
- tickets and advertising
- do you allow people from other schools to come!? (liability, signatures, etc)
- prom song
- if the location accommodates limosine pull-ups/pick ups)
- if you go farther away, availability of sleeping (do they have a hotel/motel!? can you get group rates!?)

and of course, find out your budget and go from there

There might be some other things, but I definitely gave you a lot to look into! :)

Good luck!Www@QuestionHome@Com

first an itenerary of what needs to be done like:

I!. Music
A!. DJ's
1!. DJ Name 1 = Cost, Availibility, Type Music
2!. DJ Name 2 = Cost, Availibility, and so on
B!. Live Band
1!. etc

II!. Food & Drink
A!. Types of Food
1!. Cookies = How much, Cost, Where
2!. Punch - how much, cost

III!. Decorations
A!. Theme Options
1!. Under the Sea
2!. Moonlight

IV!. Place
A!. Gym -- (my school rented out a place, but you guys might just use your gym)

Figure out your budget!!!

Basically you'll have to revise this every so often once you get some of the things set and accomplished!. also have date goals for everything!. You can assign each person on the committee a task (maybe a roman numeral above)!.!.!.but before anything get a list of all you'll need to have and itemize it into categories!. they can be sorta what i said above!. or something else!. Like some people may have an uncle that DJ's and can do it for cheaper!. keep everything organized!. Do whatever you can as early as you can!. I would find the place your going to have, the theme you all want it to be (maybe get people to nominate some themes and then vote on it), and go from there!. Good luck!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Have a detailed budget!. Separate costs into necessary and unnecessary columns!.Www@QuestionHome@Com