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Question: What can I do, please help!?
I am a tap and ballet instructor at my local studio!. This is my first time instructing!. My dance instructor is moving in a few months and one of the instructors and I will be teaching most of the classes except the advanced and jazz classes!. I really want to help, but my teacher keeps telling me that Im always grouchy and not upbeat, but I am, im being as upbeat and happy as I can!. Is there anyway to seem more upbeat without changing my personality!. If not then the studio will more than likely will be closed, and Ill be extremely depressed!. Www@QuestionHome@Com

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If they say you're grouchy and a downer, try smiling more!. Grouchiness is usually accompanied by a frown, like that of your avatar!.
Pull your hair back tight!.!.!.it tends to make your eyes look like they're smiling!. If you've got anything negative to say, keep it to yourself and just keep flashing the pearly whites!. Tell people if they're doing a good job, be an all around supportive person!. Carry yourself upright!.!.!.
You mention that if the studio closes, you'll be extremely depressed!. Maybe you've got this on your mind when you're at the studio and it's showing in your body language!?
Pep up! The studio is not closed yet so stop worrying about it =)Www@QuestionHome@Com