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Question: POINTE SHOE BOX HELP please and any help at all!?
ok so i bought my first pair of pointe shoes in may and have only used them for a couple of classes adding up to less than 3 weeks total and already my boxes are very very squishy i can feel the floor in them and i do not think they reharden!.!.!. what can i do i've heard of jet glue or super but im not sure about it!.!.!. or are they dead!?!?!? or maybe the glue has expirerd!?!? !.!.!.!. i dont know any herlp at all and also wen i go up on point my foot does not go all the way over the box like it did when they were new they just seem to stay at the 3/4 position (when rolling down) it looks very bad HELP HELP HELP

also the shank is still in good condition its just the box that seem squishy and odd and compared to the other girls in my class my shoes seem sort of dead but i doub they are but im not so sure since this is my first pair

also whne i relavae my feet do not look like there over the box even though i am pushing over the box !.!.!. they look like there always in that click or three quarter position right before you go ove rthe box i have a feeling its a support of the box because the shank is fine and when i stretch out the front of the shoes to help me get over it looks normal but when i echappe it looks disgusting HELP HELP HELP

and if i absoletuley have to might might have to buy new pointe shoes

right now i have principal pointe shoes google them if you do not know them there the "j" style PLEASE HELP

PLEASE HELP NOW my feet hurt in them and look so gross =[[[ Www@QuestionHome@Com

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your shoes are definatly dead!. if you dont want to buy a new pair of shoes just take the jet glue and hold your pointe shoes in the position you would be in on releve!. then pour some glue down into the box and gently move it around by rotation the show and causing the glue to get everywhere in the box!. this prevents any bumps and things that will hurt when you wear them!. you need to strengthen your foot much more if you want to get all of the way over the box en pointe as well!. i would try grishkos!. if you cant get the glue to work then you MUST buy a new pair!. dancing on dead shoes is painful and you could seriously injure yourselfWww@QuestionHome@Com

it sounds like you got a bad brande of shoes!. jet glue only works temporarily and doesn't do much honestly!. it could be your shoes but I would also evaluate the way you're dancing in them!. sometimes putting pressure on the wrong parts of the shoe can make the shoe go dead quicker!.

I would definitely get new shoes and a different brand for sure!. Www@QuestionHome@Com

Yes, I agree, it sounds like the brand of pointe shoes is not that great!. I would suggest Grishko's!. They are known for being hard!. Beleive me, the box is so hard i had to take a hammer to my last pair!. You can get a pair but if you are a begginner i would suggest getting the shank in a soft or medium since that does not seem to be a problem!. If you do nothing beforehand to them than the glue in the grishkos should hold up for quite a while!. I have been wearing them for three years now and absolutely love them!!!Www@QuestionHome@Com