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Question: How to slow dance!.!.!.!.!.!.!?
Last time I ever did was in middle school!.!.!. the days of the gym not being 110*!.!.!.!. haven't seen it done in high school because the gym is 110+ so I'd go outside during the slow songs to cool off!.!.!.!. and I didn't have a date either!.

Now I have a date and I don't wanna look like a retard!. How is the norm now!? I'm talking among like 16 year olds and stuff!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Most people your age don't have a clue what they're doing, so the norm is to stand around awkwardly, grope uncomfortably, and get in your partner's way!. You'll find lots of your classmates placing both hands on his partner's waist, which puts them directly opposite the girl, making it certain they'll have their feet trying to step on each other!.
The right way to do it is considerably different, and has variations, but many of the variations shouldn't be tried until you're competent with the basics!.
The proper basic hold is the boy's left hand holding the girl's right, and the boy's right hand under the girl's left shoulder blade!. This puts the partners slightly offset to the left of each other, so the feet aren't in line to step on each other!. A closer hold is good if you're good, but awkward if you aren't practiced!. That, by the way, will also be true when you're 86 as well as at 16!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

umm, unless u go 2 like an arts magnet school or a private school that has a presitgious dance program or something, this should be fine:

u hold her waist and she puts her arms around ur neck!. walk side to side!. that should do it!. dont slouch or act self-conscience!. focus on ur date, (but don't freak her out lol) look comfortable, and be comfortable!. ohh!.!.!. by the way!. im just thinking about dances and stuff!.!.!.this is totally irrelevant, but please please please take a shower and stuff, that like, means alot to girls!.

ps lol with the "i dont wanna look like a retard" im in highschool 2!. its funny how across america, high schoolers hve the same dialect that is SO wat we'd say where i liveWww@QuestionHome@Com

Oh just watch a bunch of old movies and jazz and just do what they do!. I mean, try youtube too!. There could be lessons on how to slow dance!. Teach yourself!. And just don't let the girl step on your foot!. I have before and it hurt him!.!.!. :P Www@QuestionHome@Com

by slow listeningWww@QuestionHome@Com