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Question: First school dance!? Do lots of people get asked!?
Im going to my first school dance tonight!. I'm 7th grade!. Do alot of guys ask girls to dance!? Do they only ask the pretty ones!? I really want to dance with guys but only will if they ask me!. Do alot of people ask each other, even if you don't know them!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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What a sweet question :)

I can tell you right now, I was absolutely terrified of asking this girl I liked to the dance when I was in grade 7!. I have a feeling most guys feel the same way at that age!. also tons of people don't get asked at all but they end up having a fantastic time!.

NO, they do not only ask the pretty ones, the pretty ones are actually the ones that get asked the least because guys are to intimidated, as funny as it sounds!.!.!. it's true!.

Usually at that age people will ask someone they either know really well, or someone that they kind of know!. I doubt they'd would ask someone who they barely talk to or see!.

Anyways, I could be wrong!.!.!.!. It's been 11 yeas since I was in grade 7, and times are always changing!. However from the sound of your question, your a sweet person and you'll probably get asked for sure, if that's what you were worried about!.

Have fun at the dance!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Sure, just go out there and have fun!. Like you're probably going to a lot of Bat Mitzvahs this year with your friends so just dance how you would with them and I don't think there will be any slow songs at all (you're in 7th grade) and if you do get asked, go have fun! If you don't, go have fun anyway!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Yes--don't stress out hun!!!! :]

The whole point of a dance is to get to know everyone in your school!. Even if you don't get asked you can dance with your friends and just have a good time!!Www@QuestionHome@Com