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Question: Can someone explain to me what a "Pony" in Jazz dance is!?
In my Jazz dance class one move thing we do is called a Pony or something, I can't seem to do it properly and need an explanation on how to do it! If someone someone can give a detailed explanation or send a video it would be very helpful! Thank you! :3Www@QuestionHome@Com

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"The Pony" is a step from the 50's and 60's!. It's a bit tricky to do if you don't have a visual to learn from!. start with a small side step with the right foot!. Then bring the left foot in front of the right and put about 3/4 of your weight on it!. You should naturally fall back down to your right foot as it remains in place!. Then try it on the other side!. The count is half beat/half beat/ whole beat!. Or "One AND Two, Three AND Four"!. The trickiest thing about "The Pony" is the bounce!. First step is down, second step is up (making sure the heel stays up as you put partial weight on that foot!) and then the third step (in place) is down!. As you switch to the other side, you rise on your supporting foot just enough to allow for a downward feel on Step # 1 of the next side!. I know it sounds confusing!.

Here is a Sorry excuse for the dance step!.


If you really want to see it done well, look for it in Hairspray the movie!. Good Luck!!!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

To answer your question simply, it's the same thing as a step ball change!. First on your right foot, then to your left foot!.

Step R, Ball change L
(While doing this your right arm should be down to your side and
your left are should be straight up)
Repeat as necessaryWww@QuestionHome@Com