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Question: The name of this song!? heard it at dance!?
the first one was for lyrical!. somewhat slow, had piano in background!. woman's voice!. in the chorus it went like: let the words[emotions maybe!?] of my mouth come out!. Close to it, at least

second was for modern!. again a girl's voice!. in a part of the song she sings on long note then goes why can't you take me in your arms tonight!?
i want to practice the dance!. if you could please help me out!.
btw the first song the voice was familiar!. someone said it was cia!? but i can't spell it correctly and they might not be right!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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usually i do good with these, but is there a bit more you could give out!?

the first one a lot of all guy songs come out and the second one i doubt this is the song that you're looking for is this one but i actually like the song and maybe you could use this one for your modern!? i think it would work, it has those lyrics in there, but i don't think it's the one you're looking for!.

it's called 'the dance' by charlotte martin


try to come back with more lyrics, i want to help