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Question: Grinding at Homecoming!?
This is kind of the same question as my other one but how do you know like when to stop dancing and take a break!? I feel like I would be awkward and not know how long to grind/dance with my date!

Any little tips you could give about the whole thing would be great!. I'm soo not paranoid but my date doesn't go to my school so I kinda feel like I have to be a host or w/e!. Help please!Www@QuestionHome@Com

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WOW!.!.!. Sorry to inform you two ladies above me!.!.!.!. But hmm for the past 4 years grinding is pretty much the only thing kids do at high school dances!.!.!. Times have changed (No offence meant here)

Anyways to answer your question, it depends on a couple of things!. Firstly you'll be grinding with your date, which is all the better for you!. The grinding is going to be very sexy, and secondly usually when you grind with a person you don't know, 2-3 songs would be enough before making a move!. Since you're with your date i'd say maybe 3-5, depending if you two are having a good time grinding (This is very easy to tell, just by looking at facial expressions and body movements)

So yeah after around 3-5 songs, take a break go chat for a bit or something!.Then just wait for another good song and go have some more fun! Btw don't worry, no need to act like a host just because it's your school, simply be friendly and you'll be good!.

Have a great time at homecoming!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Grinding at a dance!? Couple years ago at my friend Jess' bat mitzvah, her older cousins had to break up a grind line!. I wouldn't do that at a party, or pretty much anywhere else, it's awkward!.
And STOP dancing when you START getting sweaty!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Grinding at a dance is pretty dispicable!. I mean how many people do you know that dry hump in public!? Nobody wants to see that $hit, least of all your teachers!. Understand that oversexed teenagers disgust adults!.

Just dance like normal!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Just try every two songs and then stop for a song and then countiune!.Www@QuestionHome@Com