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Question: HOmEcOmInG!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
ok, i bought my homeing ticket!. i have my dress!. its black w/ pink polkadots! its so cute on me! well, i usually get a ride to school by my neighbor (my friends mom) well, my friends sister starts the same time as i do!. but her teacher doesn't care if she is late!. mine does!. so she is always moving slow and her mom yeling at her to move! well, i had 1 tardy to my first class when i used to walk!. then a couple weeks ago i got my second tardy from them!. Today my friends sister made me late 3 times to my first class and i got a detention for monday!. homecoming game is against 1 of r schools rivals! exciting! our dance theme is dancing at the cinema! but when i told my mom about the detention, she said i mite not go to either homecoming events! the game is sept!. 26, and the dance sept!. 27! she still has to discuss what will happen to me! All i can think of is what ill do on friday after school, and on saturday if they say i can't go! plz, can u ppl give me some comforting words to make feel happy! or say some random thing that can make the world's most saddest person smile!? thx for anything and everything! *if u answer nice, u'll get 1 point thumbs up, and if u answer the nicest or make me lol, u get 10 points!* Www@QuestionHome@Com

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I am so sorry! and I don't understand why you can't talk to the dean and explain how your carpool is always late and slow! I mean at my school they let carpool come in late because of the driver!. I mean you can't give detention to the driver but you can defenitly get away with it!. I mean if you're late because you take forever to change, then that's different!. But it's not even your fault and your mom is gonna say nothing!? Explain the story to her! All the luck! and hope homecoming is fun!!!! I mean it's tomorrow!!! yeep for you!Www@QuestionHome@Com