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Question: Starting ballet next week!?
i'm taking a beginner ballet class next week!.
i have 3 years of jazz experience!.
what should i be ready for!? any advice!?
oh and if you could include a link that shows the pic of the leotard you wear that would be great!
thanks =)Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Most likely, since it's a beginner class, the other students in the class will be new as well!. Just wear a black tank top and black shorts for the first day if you don't have a leotard!. Wear pink tights if you have them, but if you don't, don't worry about it!. I would definitely get ballet shoes, but if you can't by then, wear jazz shoes!. I expect in a beginner's class you will be doing barre work, plies, tendus, etc!.!.!.!.then working on maybe basic pirouettes and jumps!. Have fun! Oh, and whatever you do, DON'T listen to lillian!. NEVER turn out from your knees, that is VERY bad for them!. Always turn out from the hip, and if you can't see your knee in the mirror for the first few months, that is perfectly fine!. Your turnout will improve!. But NEVER force your turnout from your knee!. Hopefully, if your teacher is good, she will tell you that!.

Have fun!!!
Hope I helped!!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

well i did ballet for 9 years and i enjoyed it!. Just when you start your lesson remeber to listen to the teacher carefully when she is explaining steps and if you don't understand anything ask plenty of qusetions!. The teacher won't mind how many qusetions you ask!. You will enjoy it and it should be pretty simple if it's beginnner class!.
As for the leotard if the ballet school has told you that you should wear a certain uniform they might know where to get one from but maybe for the first lesson you are able to wear comfortable normal clothes!. here is a picture of leotards!. http://www!.danceworld!.demon!.co!.uk/images!.!.!.
good luck and have fun!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

hey dont be scared!.
depending on your dancing school, you can basically wear any leotard you want! go to a dancewear shop and see what they recommend!.
i dont think you should go to drastically with the colours or anything to start with but its your choice :)
just be ready for a lot of technique, disipline and fun! it is soooo so different to jazz
as for your other question about the undies, yes wear them and if they poke out the side then wear a ballet skirt or shorts!. if you dont wear them its just like wearing undies and when you kick your leg what can you see!?!? just have fun and dont be stressed!
oh and wear pink tights under your leotardWww@QuestionHome@Com

ballet is fun :)

um, not too much to worry about!.!.!. beginning ballet is pretty simple to start off with, and the teacher would do all the steps with you, so you can just look at her and follow along slowly!. also, it's beginning ballet, so the teacher's not going to get mad at you for not understanding things :) and always, don't forget to ask your teacher about stuff!

as for leotards, I don't need to wear one for my class, so i don't really know!.!.!. if your first lesson is a trial class or something similar, it'd be okay if you didn't wear a leotard to the first class, and you can just go ask the teacher about it, but if they already said you needed one, here's a website with quite a few different styles (you probably can't buy it from there, but there's some pics)


hope this helps! :)

oh!.!.!. and one last thing!.!.!. don't forget to turn your knee out! make sure that when you are standing with your side facing the front mirror that you can see your knee in the mirror too!.!.!. my ballet teacher tells me this A LOT!.!.!. so just always keep that in mind!


ok well jazz experience will help you need to be ready to ask questions and don't be shy don't stand at the front or the back of the bar cos if you do you cant copy any one same for middle work don't be embarrassed by the teacher helping you every one needs help when they start i don't have a picture of the leotard i wear but i wear a black leotard with thin crossed velvet straps Www@QuestionHome@Com

You should have fun but don't take ballet take jazz dancing it will be great for you since you took 3 years of jazz now you'll be able to dance and sing jazz!.You get into your work girl keep doing jazz you had 3 years of singing it and now take dancing it!.Www@QuestionHome@Com