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Question: Ballet question:!.!. what do you wear under your leotard!?
in ballet, do you wear underwear underneath your leotard!?
i know your wear tights, obviously, but are you supposed to wear a bra and underwear!?
also, if your leotard has a low- cut back like this:
would it look weird if you wore a bra!? sports bra!?
thank you! =)Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
you don't wear underwear--or if you insist on doing so, wear a thong!.
as for the bra, you can wear a nude sports bra!. regular bras are not recommended, they look and feel horrible under a leotard!.
i would strongly suggest that you find a different leotard, because that type is not the best choice if you want to be serious!. too complicated a design-it could totally form a disillusion of a better or worse dance move!.

some dancers i know have a clear elastic strip (about 6-12 inches wide) that is formed into a ring and that is worn around the chest as a bra!.

i personally don't wear a bra yet, so i can't really help you more!. sorry!.

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ok I have been taking ballet four ten years now and it kind of depends on you or the teacher!. Well one of my teachers hated it when we wore bras another did not mind!. You don’t wear underwear cause the tights are kind of the underwear for you!. I would wear sports bras because I didn’t feel comfortable not wearing one!. Some times the teacher wants you to wear tight clothes because the can see your body better!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

ok for starters i wear both underwear and bra and i no lots of people that wear brass but i don't no about underwear secondly the leotard you picked out docent look like a leotard you would be aloud to wear in class i mean you might be aloud but if i was you i wouldn't Www@QuestionHome@Com