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Question: Is square dancing only for older people!?
My wife and I got some free squae dancing lessons!. And we dont get out much but all I can think of when I heart square dancing is 70 year olds dancing!. Am I wrong!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Its not only for older people, its simply that a lot of younger people don't know what they're missing and never think to try it!.

This is true not only of square dancing but of New England style contra dancing and most other forms of traditional folk dance!. Its a great shame really, as these traditional music and dance forms are wonderful, fun community-building activities, but its not easy getting younger people interested in them!.

I play Southern old-time music (traditional Southern square-dance music) on fiddle, banjo and guitar, and most of the friends that I play with on a regular basis are of my generation, give or take 10 years (I'm 50)!. I belong to an all-volunteer non-profit organization called the Folk Project, in northern New Jersey, that promotes and puts on folk music concerts, festivals, contra dances, and jams at peoples' houses on a regular basis, and most of the members are likewise in their 40's and on up!. There are a few younger people who show up to festivals and dances -- they're mostly the teen and college-aged children of Folk Project members who've literally grown up listening to this music -- but very, very few 20 and 30-somethings!. Its a problem!. We're not getting any younger -- and what happens to this musical heritage if there are no younger people to take it up when we're gone!?

So I would encourage you to try out those free square dance lessons!. And look around in your area for contra dances as well!. Modern Western Square Dancing -- the kind done in most square dancing clubs -- uses recorded music and more intricate and precise choreography, I think -- which is why you need lessons in order to attend their dances!. New England style contra dancing, OTOH, uses similar dance moves and also has a caller prompting the dancers, but features a LIVE BAND (Whoo hoo!!), choreography's less intricate, and the dance itself is more casual (no club costumes required)!. And you don't need formal lessons!. Every contra dance features a beginner workshop to teach newbies the basic moves before the dance starts, and then you just learn by doing!. You're encouraged to find a new partner to dance with for each dance, and if you dance with people who know what they're doing, you can get pretty good at contra dancing in one or two evenings!.

I encourage you to try it :-) Www@QuestionHome@Com

NO!!! It's just a dance some older people grew up with (like my Mom, whose 75- she met my father at one in 1956!.!.!.My Dad was the "caller" for it)!.!.!.
Square dancing is fun!.!.!.and almost anyone can do it!.!.!.I'm Southern, and it, and clogging are done by everyone of every age!.!.!.
You may find it A LOT of fun!.!.!.!.!.I've seen a lot of "middle aged" folks (like me) and younger even, in competitions!.!.!.
GO!.!.!.have FUN! It gives you something to do as a couple!.!.and you may find it quite "addicting"!.!.!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

we had it in 7th grade and i loved it!. it's got to where mostly older people do it!. but they have to be in great shape to do it!. some younger people are discovering it again!. go have fun!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

it's from the south!. i've seen kids do it!. lolWww@QuestionHome@Com