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Question: Does anyone know whether the Pro-Arch works!?
I don't have the greatest arches, and i was wondering if getting the Pro-Arch would help!. If anyone knows if it would help the top parts of my feet, as they are not the most flexible!. I know that it's expensive, so i would like as many opinions as possible please!

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the pro-arch definitely helps a lot to strengthen and to make flexible your foot and ankle!. as for the arch itself, however, the results vary greatly!. some people's arches really do improve quite a bit, and others get the strength and flexibility from the mechanism but the foot shape does not change!. either way, it's a really great mechanism to invest in because it's not so much about the arch itself than about how strong and flexible your foot is!. a great arch on a weak and stiff foot does no good!.Www@QuestionHome@Com