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Question: Are there any captivating dance companies in the mid- east coast area!?
I tried doing a search on the internet, but it's hard doing a search as broad as "contemporary ballet virgina", because I didn't get any good feedback!. But I am curious as to whether there are contemporary dance companies in the virginia, dc, maryland area that are on or nearly on the level of companies/choreographers such as Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, Complexions Contemporary Ballet, Hofesh Shechter, or Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal!. I am fairly ignorant about the plethora of oppurtunities within the dance world, and sometimes I feel overwhelmed when I'm presented with the amazing talents and choreographers associated with these companies, and I think, "how could I have not known who they were before!?!?" But others usually do!. So if you're "others" please answer my Q and help me out, it'd be greatly appreciated!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Actually, you don't seem ignorant to me!. I had never heard of Hofesh Shechter before, but now I see that they performed at Jacob's Pillow this year!.

My daughter was in the same boat as you, craving to hear of more contemporary ballet companies, and it took moving to NYC and looking up auditions in the area to find a bunch that she never heard of!. She is now under contract for one of them and on the guest list for another!. While away at college (far away), she had even pumped her dance professors for names of contemporary ballet companies and they weren't very forthcoming, which is why I don't think you're alone!. But since you're looking for companies that are on the level of the others, I think part of the problem is that most of these other companies haven't been able to mount a national tour, so that's why we haven't heard of them!.

No list of ballet companies that I know of takes the trouble to divide their list by regions of the country!. Balletcompanies!.com is very thorough, but you can only get a full alphabetized list of companies in the U!.S:

Other listings include the "Dance Links" list of ballet companies that is hosted on Gaynor Minden's site:
but that one hasn't been fully updated!. You'll see that Cedar Lake has been added, but not Complexions!. (It's also missing my daughter's company!.)

also, the Open Directory's list:
That one is missing both Cedar Lake and Complexions, but it has my daughter's company!.

To get a sense of what contemporary companies are getting noticed, you might want to check out who's performed at Jacob's Pillow for the past 8 years:
But Jacob's Pillow draws from companies all over the world!.

also, subscribe to Dance Magazine and pay attention to all the small news releases that appear towards the front of each issue!.

P!.S!. You were clear!. It's just that most of the participants in this section are in middle school or high school!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

In DC, Washington Ballet is doing very well under Septeme Weber, the director!. In Richmond, VA, Richmond Ballet has some wonderful works by both their director and Jessica Lang!. More and more of the regional companies are doing contemporary works by freelance choreographers so by checking out one of their shows, you may find a gem!. Www@QuestionHome@Com

try looking in a local phone book for dance studios, then go to them and see what classes they have to offer!.Www@QuestionHome@Com