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Question: Dancing Help!!! =) (Tap)!?
Ok so we are doing a tap dance for our end of year concert, and its to you can't stop the beat, the 5:30 minute version, i need help to get fit enough to do the entire dance without getting too tired, cause i have other dance's to do aswellWww@QuestionHome@Com

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I know exactly what you're talking about!. I did a 4 minute acrobatic routine plus tap dancing, jazz, ballet, contemp!. and more and god do you get tired!.

Drink so much water during dance class as that helps your stamina!. Don't do muscles excersize as you will gain muscle and its harder to move!. Just practice each dance as much as you can so it becomes easy!. With the tap dancing, try not to make a massive emphasis on little moves because you lose energy (eg things like shuffle ball change or something) but make things like buffaloes or grab offs!?
i really hope this helps
have a brilliant concert
ps do you dance in australia!? if so where!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

Well, considering you are a dancer, you ought to have good stamina in the first place!. But, if you don't, the only thing to do is to keep dancing!. Don't sit down for 10 minutes after you've done it once, go do it again straight away!. You have to know how to push yourself!. Even when your at that limit, push yourself harder!.

This has come to me with experience, but also with running!. When you run, in competition, you don't stop!. You push and push and push until you feel you'll break!. This is the same with dancing!. Even when you're tired, don't give up!.

Go for really long jogs in the afternoons!. Practice your dances at home everyday 10 times!. But really, theres not much else you can do unless you actually try to improve!. also, watch what you eat before class!. You need something with energy that will be sustained for a long period of time - NOT a candy bar or sugar snack which will only give yu a short burst of energy!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

take portions of the dance and do them, adding a little bit more each time!.!.!. it will really help build up the muscles you need and it will keep you from getting too tired!. do this every day (or whenever you can) and it will really helpWww@QuestionHome@Com