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Question: Ballroom dancing shoes advice!?
wats the diffrence between tango shoes and latin dancing shoes for ballroom dancing!?!?!? best answer will get pointsWww@QuestionHome@Com

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a Latin shoe will pitch your weight forward a little, like a tango shoe will!. In that respect, they wold have a similarity!.

also- tango shoes come in the suede or half suede bottom variety and a full leather sole that can be worn on the street!. I think most salsa shoes are suede bottoms- so you can't wear them on the street!.

Tango shoes can be open toe like Latin!.

The Tango has a wider heel, thought new tango shoes can be slim!.Tango shoes also have more padding in the soles!.

Most Tango shoes are t-strap, meaning they have a strap down the middle!.

I think The Tango shoes are much more comfortable to dance in!.



Tango shoes tend to be closed toe, whilst latin open toe!. Most of the time the heel in latin is higher so the weight is pushed over the ball of the foot to help with balance when doing fast spins, a strong pointed toe and other things that latin dancers need!. Tango shoes tend to be a bit stiffer as tango dancers dont need a strong pointed toe like latin dancers do!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

In ballroom, tango is a standard dance, so the shoes are closed at the toe!. Latins have open toes!. There are also tango shoes for Argentine tango, also with closed toes, that may even have non-sueded leather soles, but that isn't ballroom!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

tango shoes have a more paded spot for the sole and latin dancing shoes are made for the positions you use!. i have both but i think that latin dancing shoes work better when you're ballroom dancinWww@QuestionHome@Com

high heelsWww@QuestionHome@Com