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Question: Dance companies!?!?!?
would a professional ballet company ever take someone whos natural turnout was almost virtually non exsistent!. cuz i mean i get pretty close to all the way if i use my knees a little bit!. but would anyone ever take someone like that!? cuz i know in the movie center stage the main character had bad feet but she still made it but that was a movie so i'm not sure!.
also what are some well nown modern/contemporary companies!?!?

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
well bad feet and bad natural turnout is completelyyy different!. as is movies and real life!.
if you don't have a good natural turnout you can still get one! i had THE worst turnout!. seriously!. but i did the frog sit every single day!. it really reallyyy helped!. so try it!.
if you don't know it already!.!.!. lay on your stomach and put your feet together (keeping your hips on the ground) and push your feet down!. then as you get better, push your feet in more (to your head) and then try to get them down there!.
i wondered the same thing!. i'm not sure if they would take you without a semi-good turnout because that is truely very important!. but it doesn't matter! if you do the stretch i gave you then you will have a turnout! lol :]Www@QuestionHome@Com