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Question: Dance worries!.!.!.!?
Okay, so in two weeks I need to try out to be on my school's dance team again!. Last year by rules they had to take everyone!. As an 8th grader going to be a freshman, I was so scared, intimidated, and unexperienced that I sucked ridiculously!. I made the lowest non-competitive team on a team that took everyone!. (JV)!. My team didn't want to do anything, we never got our act together to preform at a game, and even though I tried hard, they kept me down!. My coaches could care less about our team too!. My confidence went waaaay down!. I'm always dancing now so I know I have practice and more experience!. I know I can do double turns, but everyone one knows that being unconfident makes spotting impossible making turns terrible! The three comp teams are jazz, hiphop, and pom!. So, how do I make one of the three teams, how do I stay confident, and what to do in the chance that I don't make a comp team and am once again un-important!. I would take that as meaning I'm the worst dancer everrrr!. Help meWww@QuestionHome@Com

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This may sound hard, but actually it's simple: you just have to decide to be strong and not care about other people!. If you can be independent enough not to care what others think, then you'll be fine!.

The first secret is to FOCUS ON WHAT YOU'RE DOING and just block out that other people might be watching and/or talking about and/or judging you!.

The second secret is, if you can't help thinking about other people watching you: PROVE THEM WRONG!. If you know inside that you're good enough, don't sabotage your chances by getting nervous and lacking confidence or worrying about what they think!. Instead, simply determine that you're going to surprise them by proving wrong anyone who underestimated you! It's a nice feeling when people compliment you on your dance, but that's nothing compared to the ecstatic feeling inside when you dance well and it all just works!. So focus on the passion you feel inside that makes you want to dance in the first place, and it will shine through and dazzle anyone who's watching!. There's nothing better than watching a dancer who's movement comes from his or her heart, and that in itself could get you the spot on the team!

Like anything new that you haven't practiced before, these things are hardest the first time!. But start now and I promise it gets easier and easier, and quickly too!. And the funny thing is that, once you start, you'll find that you actually do become confident!. In time you just stop caring what other people think and you find yourself dancing for yourself and the pure joy of movement!.

The other thing is: never talk yourself down by telling people you're not good enough, not ready or not going to make it!. Some people do this even when they secretly think they are good enough: it's a psychological trick they play to lower other people's expectations, so nobody will be surprised if they don't make it and will be happy when they do (also, it means other people are less competitive because they don't see you as a threat)!. But the thing is: most people only care about themselves and won't be taking much notice of you!. So it's better to just stay quiet, don't talk to other people before the auditions, and just focus on doing your thing and having fun doing it!.

I'm 100% certain that if you can master this you'll be absolutely fine!!! Best of luck :-)Www@QuestionHome@Com

Do whatever it takes to make yourself feel like you've improved!. Stretch, get a triple turn down pat, etc!. You've got all summer right!? To practice spotting have someone spin you in a spinning chair!. Yeah, and uh!.!.!.try not to puke!. It helps though just don't eat before!. :DWww@QuestionHome@Com

i tried out as an 8th grader to be on the hs dance team but at my school it's 9-12 and either you made it or you didn't!. one thing that the coach stressed before tryouts was showmanship!.!.!. make sure you're smiling the whole time look like you're loving what you're doing!. focus on what you're doing and try not to think about the worst!. don't freak out if you can't get all of the moves perfect!. and make sure in tryouts you make a difference between the pom/jazz/and hip hop!.!.!. pom needs to be very straight with clean edges, jazz should be flowing and more beautiful, and you should have fun with hip hop and really let your personality shine through!.

if you dance with your heart your feet will follow!

break-a-leg and have some confidence girlll!Www@QuestionHome@Com