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Question: I am doing a jazz solo and i want a good song!. it should be a fun song but not too trendy!.what do you think!?!?
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shake it-metro station
all that jazz-chicago
cant take my eyes off you-jamie kennedy
aint no other man-christina aguilera
bleeding love-leona lewis
bittersweet symphony-oasis
come so far, got so far to go-hairspray (:
all i got!.
hope i helped!.

One song I'm thinking of doing is I don't wanna be by Gavin Degraw!. It has a lot of meaning I think!. It depends what type of jazz you're looking for though, trashy or like Broadway!? I good idea is to look some up on you tube!. You can often find some coll songs on there that people have already danced to/Www@QuestionHome@Com

upbeat, catchy:
jackie wilson said- van morrison (listen to it, seriously i got all platinums and a special song award at competition)
sweet dreams- the eurythmics
get up offa that thing (sort of slow) by james brown
i feel good, also by james brown
do you love me!? by the contours (this girl at my studio named athena got #1 overall with this song)

darker, more lyrical but still jazzy:
wanted by vanessa carlton
uninvited by alanis morrisette (WEIRD)Www@QuestionHome@Com

What instrument do you play!? Or are you dancing!?

Sorry!. Just realized I was in the "Dancing" subsection!. When I took jazz we did an awesome dance to "Purple Rain" by Prince!.

I would also look at some of Art Blakey's music!. It's classic jazz music with an awesome beat that would be really fun to dance to!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

you cant stop the beat- hairspray
hey big spender
find a new way- young loveWww@QuestionHome@Com