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Question: Am I to old to learn to breakdance!?
I am 13 and about to become 14 in about 30 days!. I've seen a lot of B-boys my age doing things pros do and I'm like man, i guess I'm to old to learn!. So please tell me whats your opinion and based on positive ones I'll give it a shot!. also if you're a B-boy yourself or you know anyone who is, tell me the age of when he/she started to help me get an idea of if I'm to old or not!.

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hey man im a bboy myself and i can assure you, you are not old at all!. Im part of a dance group in high school called ZDX and pretty much we perform places and whats even better is that we will be performing for 106 and park in September to show what we got!. we also love the jabbawockeez and did a performance for them!. and i started breakin when i was 15 and now im 17 and look where i am right now!. learn now and i believe in the next 2-3 years you'd be a real pro! the link is here and watch in in high quality and tell me what you think!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Your definitely not to old to start learning as long as you try your hardest you should be able to do it!. but let me tell you its not easy i take dance classes and have tried some of the stuff that B-boys do and it is very difficult!. you have to very strong and not scared to fall and hurt yourselfWww@QuestionHome@Com