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Question: What are the names of the basic tap steps (eg shuffles)!? I've forgotten!!?
Can anyone remind me of the names of the basic tap steps (with a little description) please! I'm a dance teacher, and having taught every other style but tap for the last 10 years and now I've forgotten some of the terminology! I feel like an idiot! someone please help me remember! I know shuffle is front-back, pick up is one foot back, knock is obvious, but which is a brush and what do you call it when the foot brushes back!?and when you brush forward, then toe down then heel as you walk forward!? is it a 'brush toe heel'!? argh!Www@QuestionHome@Com

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I have not taken tap since I was seven!. It's been well I think I will just say a few years!.!.lol Here is a web site that has basic terms for tap!. Hope it helps!.


If you are actually thinking of teaching tap again, I STRONGLY recommend you go to another dance school, or get a fellow dance teacher to help you to refresh your memory!. If you can't do it, or explain how to do it, you can't expect students to know what you are talking about!.

Heel dig - self explanatory - dig the heel into the floor
Toe kick - self explanatory - kick the toe into the floor
Shuffle - can actual be done to the front, side, back or diagonals, and is brushing the foot out and in
Wings - hard to explain!.!.!. sort of like a hop but winging the foot out!?
Tap springs - brush one foot and jump onto it, repeat with other foot
Stamps - self explanatoryWww@QuestionHome@Com

Ball change (ball of one foot changes weight, just like jazz), shuffle (toe brushes forward and back), flap (toe brushes forward, steps on it), toe digs, heel digs, flap ball change (brush-step ball change), single, double and triple time steps, maxi ford turns, waltz clog time step (step shuffle ball change [in 3 counts]), buffalos (step shuffle leap, toe (or up) - can be done in a turn); back "esses" - (brush back ball change, brush back ball change)!. These are some of the basics, but many jazz and tap terms are basically the same!.

Do you know of any one who can assist you in this!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

I recommend you check out our tap glossary, which contains extremely clear definitions of various tap steps, including proper musical counts!.

There are many different names and descriptions for various steps out there in the tap world, and that is part of what makes tap dance so interesting!. While there is no one RIGHT way to describe and count a tap step, the important thing is that once you decide what name you will be using for a particular step, that you remain CONSISTENT for your students!.

Our instructional DVD series breaks down all the basics and makes it extremely clear to understand and to count!. We also offer tap instructor material!. You can check out our products on these 2 pages:

hope that was a little bit helpful!

Eli Newsom

I don't think you should be teaching a style that you don't know how to doWww@QuestionHome@Com