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Question: Can u show me how to!.!.!.!?
ok so my 8th grade dance is comin up and im not sur ill go cuz!.!.!.i cant dance!! i jus wana b confidnt on the dance floor!. i wnt some great but casual middle school friendly dance moves!. pls help!.!.!.thnxWww@QuestionHome@Com

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well i had the same probalam a while ago! im in 8t grade also and since 7th grade we have had dance parties!. i always went but i always looked like a nerd standing around because it was afraid to dance!. then i decided just to "dance like know ones watching" and it worked! just try and look like your having a great time and having fun! just keep a smile on and nothing can go wrong!

btw, at my 8th grade dance it was like hip hop/rap music and theres alot more socializing then dancing, (:

good luck!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Well, when I was in middle school (which was only 2 years ago!) no one actually "danced" so to speak!. Everyone was so awkward that they basically just clumped together and talked!. So even if you go, you don't have to dance!

Slow dances are really easy to do!. You just put your arms around the guy's neck and he puts his arms around your waist, and you kinda sway back and forth awkwardly!. Haha!.

But ummm for like, fast songs, just get in a group with your friends and have fun! Dance the way you would in your room when you're listening to the radio!. If you're with your friends, you won't look all awkward and lonely!.

Hope this helps!Www@QuestionHome@Com

well what type of music will they play!? at my 8th grade dance they played rap so we grinded!. if you have to grind, just tuck your junk into your boxer waistband and hold your partners hips, assuming your a guy!. then just move your hips!. if they play other stuff just have fun and move around, and have fun with your friends!. don't worry, i was like you (im in 9th grade now), but things will be fineWww@QuestionHome@Com