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Question: Are there any dancers out there that have recovered from a foot injury!?
I am just looking for encouragement that I can dance again!. I used to be able to for hours but recently an old foot injury flared up from me taking a job in retail (which I quit after two days from my foot hurting so badly!.) I'll be okay dancing a couple or more in tennis shoes but I can't wear dance shoes (jazz) or those nice flexible flats which allow you to do so much more with ease without the bottom of your tennis shoe's getting caught on the dance floor!. The injury is on the ball of my foot, kind of on the side btw!.!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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i dont know what you did,
but i strained the ligaments allll around my achiles tendon (sp!?) on!.!. january 21st (idk how i remembered that lol)
i didnt do my excercises, and ive irritated it many times after that
its been 4 months and its still not good, ive still had my days that i cant walk
but im still dancing, i have my rectal in a few weeks
i was talking to a woman that did the same thing that i did, and she said that it took her between a year and 18 months to fully recover, so ive still got a while
the best thing to wear are the hiphop shoes, they really do work, i had to wear them for kick, pom and jazz competition teams and they do really work lol and they are the best things for you feet, out of all kinds of shoes
good luck and get welll soon!Www@QuestionHome@Com

my sister tore a ligament in her foot about a year ago and it was rly serious but shes back to dance so she recovered!. good luck with your foot <3Www@QuestionHome@Com

Hi SJ,
First you should see a doctor if you haven't already done so!. You should find out exactly what the extent of your injury is (sounds like it could be a stress fracture)!. The best way to heal is to take time off from dance!. If you are in the middle of your performance season, that can be impossible!. You should do classes in the most comfortable shoes (as you are doing) and skip jumps and turns on that particular foot!. Taping the foot can also provide slight support!. Once you are through performance time, try to take some time off; it's the only real way to completely heal from an injury!. If you keep dancing, even modified usage, it could take up to 18 months to heal!. The healing time is really up to you!.

My daughter, a ballet dancer, has been going through this also!. She hurt her foot in November 07 and we thought it was bruised!. By January, she was still in pain, and an MRI showed a stress fracture!. She wore a walking boot on the foot for 6 weeks but continued to go to classes but not really use that foot!. She did modified classes while learning choreography for the June show!. 6 weeks later she began dancing full-out, although the doctor said return gradually to full use!. Now, 2 weeks before the show, she's starting to get cramps in the foot again!. Going back to full-use so soon after has probably slowed the healing process!. She will take some much needed time off this summer to let it fully heal!.

I really understand that it's hard to take time off!. Best of luck to you!Www@QuestionHome@Com