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Question: One dance move!?
I'm trying out for my high schools dance team in a couple weeks , so I need one dance move I can do to get extra points!. There's a portion of tryouts where we get a chance to perform one move!.!. What should I do !?

thanks in advance!. :DWww@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
do an axel
turn with bent knees and make surn you get enough momentum
swing your right leg around propelling youself to turn around
pull both legs into a tuck


its kinda hard explaining dance moves through letters!.!.!.

you may check my dance troupe's dance moves!.!.!.

www!.youtube!.com, then search for PUPT!.!.!.

im d gurl with the curly hair!.!.!.



How about doing the soulja boy or a Herki ,or the 2step !.Www@QuestionHome@Com