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Question: Question to all dancers!!!! If you are a dancer PLEASE answer me!!!!?
I'm doing a research project and would like you to answer the following questions, PLEASE!!! I need more or less 10 people to answer me!.

1) what is your career!? (ie!. professional dancer, dance teacher, Gym instructor, choreographer, artistic director, ballet, dance mistress, master, dance adjudicator, lecturer for dance, dance therapist/psychologist, teacher for disabled dancers, traditional dance consultant, business manager for dance shows, freelance consultant for health spa's, teaching dance-orientated sport such as gymnastics, ice skating etc!.)

2) Name three places where you studied or could've studied!.

3) Name 3 or more subjects that you studied or should've studied!.

4) Name 3 or more places you work at or could work at!.

And if you have any additional information on your dance career (such as degrees you earn etc!.) it would be very much appreciated!. Thank you very much!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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I'm a competitive dancer who has received scholarships before,however I am very young and don't need to look into a career yet! Sorry!Www@QuestionHome@Com

I'm a full time student

I've only been to Elementary, Junior High, and High School so far!.!. And in Canada so I don't think it'll help

I studied math, English, science, history, French, and Spanish

I could work at McDonald's,Jive Records,Or Could be a JanitorWww@QuestionHome@Com