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Who likes to read storybooks or novels?

hi, i like to read novels n storybooks or anyhitng. i talk to many ppl but no one has an interest in reading. its fun to read right? ppl think reading is kinda old fashion. it isn't right?
thanx 4 the answers!

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: I LOVE to read.

Everything I can get my hands on. 3 to 6+ novels a week.

Sometimes it's almost sad.
Ended up using an English/Spanish dictionary to read a book on the devaluation of the Mexican peso from 1930 to 1988 because it was the only book I had and for me reading is a must. (No idea where the book came from, I think it was a bulk buy from a yard sale.)

I keep an open mind and give everything I can a chance.
The biggest impediment to reading I face is budget.