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What was an "Engine Fitter - Ships"?

One of my ancestors is down in the 1901 census as a "Engine Fitter - Ships". He also had a lodger who was a "Ships Painter". Obviously sounds like they both worked in a ship industry somewhere, but I wondered where it would be likely they would have worked in Barrow? (Thats where they are from). Also, what kind of things would a "Engine fitter - ships" do? Were they well paid? and was the job common?

As always, answers/help much appreciated.

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: The shipping industry in the UK up until 1940`s was largest ship building industry in the world, 3/4all ships built in the world were built in the UK from dozens of shipyards around the coast.
Possible he worked at the Barrow-in-furness shipyards, there would have been many firms there.
He would have been semi-skilled worker, engineer who's primary task would have been the fitting and installation of ships engines
At the turn of the century the Royal Navy was as large as the next two largest navies in the world,the ship building industry was contracted out to either commercial or naval works,with companies either being sub contracted to larger firms supplying parts or working on projects using the in house workforce.
There were literally thousands of men in the ship building industry with whole communities/towns working in the yards.
If you knew the firm he worked for you could do some research of your own to search out old company documents.