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Advice on lens range suitable for portraits and taking photos of peoples everyday life?

i am the type of person that likes to take photographic portraits of people and pictures of peoples everyday life (usually on the sly as a think these photos show people at their most natural and best) the only problem is my current lens only has a range of 18 to 70 mm which often doesnt allow me tofocus in as closely as i would like and only gives views of the people i have photographed from a distance.

i am currently considering buying a new lens which has a range of 18 to 135 mm and another which is 18 to 200mm. i was wondering which of these lens would be better in allowing me to take photos of people regardless of if they pose or if the photo is taken on the sly also would a lens of this range allow me to take photos of the type discussed without being obtrusive i dont want ot look like a press photographer with a huge camera and lens

hope someone can help

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: My most often used lens is the 70-200mm f/2.8. It allows me to take "candid portraits" from a distance, also has a very narrow depth of field that blurs the background/foreground.
Also excellent lens for head and shoulder, posed portraits.

The only drawback I have is for full body shots, I must have a larger than wanted distance to subject, I will be purchasing a 18- 70mm(?) f/2.8 for more close up work. That way photographer and subject can make that personal connection on the posed portraits.

As for the "big" lens being obtrusive, if you carry you camera with you everywhere that you go, people get comfortable with it then start to ignore you just like always.