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What are the characteristic of a philippine zarzuela?

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: Long before the coming of cinema in the Philippines, theater originated in the culture of the country's early societies. Their theatron was on the ground within the community. The ritual practitioners in their dance-dramas used imitative dances to propitiate the supernatural powers tjat were believed to control forces to regulate the seasons and elements; to ensure the earth's fertility; and to grant the tribe success in hunting and warfare.

At the turn of the 19th century, the zarzuela, a traditional Spanish one-act comic opera with satirical theme; and the vaudeville, a stage show consisting of various acts, such as singing, dancing, and comedy, became famous and prominent among the Filipinos. These were shown and performed at town fiestas where Filipino viewers go eagerly from different parts of the province so as not to miss the stage plays.

The Spanish Operetta or musical comedy introduced by a political deportee from Spain, Don Narciso de Escosura, at Teatro de Binondo or Castellano in 1848, was given impetus by Don Alejandro Cubero, the faher of Spanish zarzuela in the Philippines, at Teatro Filipino on Calle Echague.

The Tagalog zarzuela found a home at Teatro Zorilla, the only surviving 19th century theater located at the corner of Calle San Pedro (now Evangelista) and abbreviated the Iris which formed part of Calle Azcarraga (now Recto). It provided ready material for the nascent Filipino silent motion picture.

The zarzuela usually involves love and political issues.