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How do events take place in history as pointed out by georg wilhelm friedrich hegel and alvin scaff?

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: Hegel is perhaps most well-known for his teleological account of history, an account which was later taken over by Marx and ??inverted?? into a materialist theory of an historical development culminating in communism

More about Hegel's philosophical history

The Inexorability of History
As we have already seen, Hegel's view of the world is determinedly historical; he believed that history itself (involving another triad, of original/reflective/philosophi... history) exhibits the growth of self-consciousness in the Absolute, the process of development by means of which the Weltgeist comes to know itself. But since history inevitably follows the pattern of logical necessity through the dialectical movement from thesis to antithesis to synthesis, the present age must be the highest stage of development. Certainly Hegel regarded the cultural achievements of his own time—nationalism, romanticism, protestantism, and idealism—as the culmination of all that had gone before, with his own philosophical work as its highest expression. Here is nineteenth-century optimism at its peak, full of self-confidence in the possibilities of rationality and enlightenment. Many thinkers of the nearly two centuries since Hegel's time have raised serious questions about the reliability of this modernist promise.

As to Alvin Scaff, I am not sure which one you mean: