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Do some people really understand my "ART"?

No matter what order I spew my words out, I get good reviews...I don't get it.., no seriously I don't get what the hell I am mumbling myself about half the time anyway. So, what's up with great reviews, that's not what I came here for! And I insist that if the author doesn't understand his own creation he doesn't deserve praise. Or did I get this whole "art" thingy wrong?;...

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: Yes you are beneath contempt. My own rather fabulous work often baffles me for the same reason. Serious artists, like for example ME and NOT YOU, often find themselves spontaneously erupting in fountains of prosaic genius. Spewing great self referential geysers of lyrical lava upon the desert plain that is your calcified cerebum. You may want to adjust the brightness on your monitor to avoid sunburn.