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Beauty and the Beast?

As much as I love this story...and other stories with the beautiful woman seeing beyond skin deep in a man (like the frog prince and others). How come there are no stories about a beautiful man falling in love with an ugly woman (the woman being the beast)? What does that say about our society?

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: Well I cant say about ur society, but if u have heard the Persian Tale of Laila- Majnu, you will realise the true essence of love.
Majnu was the boy and his name was Qais. Majnu means someone who is under the control of a fit. He deeply loved Laila who was dark and ugly. He loved Laila's true innerself.
This is a bit like Romeo and Juliet and is one of the world's greatest love stories ever written.
There is even a recitation in which Qais falls in love with the dog of Laila's street; just for because he cannot disregard anything even slightly connected with Laila.

So there are stories on the other side as well. Laila Majnu is one such epic.