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What are some good acoustic guitars to buy for a beginner?

What do I need to look for in a guitar? Is it wise to buy one online or do I need to get my hands on one to judge it? What about Ebay?

Any useful information will be very beneficial!

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: I would never buy a guitar on line, I would go somewhere like Guitar Center where you can sit and play with a lot of different guitars. You have to make sure that it feels right in your hand and that the sound is what your looking for. I play classical guitar and when I went to buy a new one I also thought that I'd look at an acoustic, it took me a good two hours to decide which one to buy, they all feel and sound different, hand size doesn't matter it's what feels right to your hand, they all have a little different feel and sound, so take your time, try them over and over until you're sure, they have a lot of little rooms, and areas where you can sit and play. They are very good about returns, the one that I bought after I got it home decided that I didn't like it as well as I did in the store, so I took it back after three weeks, and they exchanged it with no problems, I finally bought an acoustic, a Yamaha, they come regular or electric cut away, and both have a really nice sound. As for price they ran from $125.00 - $250.00, I didn't want to spend to much, I wanted to save my money for the classical, so I got the one for $250.00, and was very satisfied.