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Anyone know about an Alexander Couard?

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Alexander P. Couard: b. 1891-? A New York City painter, illustrator, etcher, woodcut and linocut artist, Alexander Couard studied at New York's, Art Students League, under both F. V. DuMond and George Bridgman. He first gained employment as a free lance illustrator for various magazines. In 1917, however, he created a number of watercolors and paintings of landscapes and figure studies in Arizona and New Mexico which were exhibited throughout America.
Shortly thereafter the United States entered the first World War and Couard saw active duty in France. After the war, he remained in Paris for several years and exhibited at the various salons. Returning to America, Couard settled in Connecticut and exhibited with the Worcester Art League.
Apart from his many fine paintings, drawings and prints, Alexander Couard was also a noted illustrator. Among his best works in this field are his 1930 illustrations for Erskine Caldwell's, Poor Fool.*
'Steel' ** is one of Couard's greatest works in original printmaking. Printed in two colors, it dramatically depicts the Manhattan building boom of skyscrapers during the late 1920's. The composition is brilliantly balanced by the vertical and horizontal lines of the newly constructed skyscrapers in the background and, of course, by the strong diagonal movement of the steel girder and the two construction workers in the foreground.
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