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How do I do a jump with a split in the air?

I feel comfortable already doing a full split on the ground, but I just can't do a jump with a split in the air. Can sb please help? Thanks!!

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: The key to doing split leaps is the landing. You need confidence that you can get your legs underneath you again and stick the landing before you go for full extension in the air. First, wear shoes that give enough tack to stick the landing. Secondly, you need leg strength to jump at least 4 feet straight up from first position (the lowest part of your body in the split position is at least 4 feet above the ground). You can do splits at 4 feet, but it won't look good unless you are more than 5 feet up. Height gives you the hang time needed to get extension and land. There are two basic styles for split leaps. The easiest is to bring your legs up with bent knees and flick the legs out at the peak of the jump. This has the effect of rotating your body backward. I use the straight leg style in which the legs sweep up in an arc. This looks better, but requires more jump height. In both styles, you want to pancake at the top of the leap so that your arms, legs and torso are in the same plane. Your legs should be parallel to the ground or inclined up (toes higher than the hip). Your toes should be in pointe position. For a performance, make it look easy by smiling.

The mechanics of jumping from the ground and from a trampoline are quite different, so I would not recommend a trampoline unless you are using a trampline or throw board to perform.

The presentation of the split leap is as important as the leap itself, so work on your prep and pose too. The prep should set you up to do repetitions. You should be able to do twice the repetitions that you perform. Most split leapers do 4-6 in a row, so train with at least 8. I train at 16 in a row.