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Do you like my new poem?

Tom Hall was a gentleman
Outspoken orator
Suave sophist
Aristocrat heir
Bowed to the ladies
Hat tipped to a passerby
Buttoned up shirt
White boutonniere

Mary Ann Holloway
Home for the holiday
Prim and proper
Quiet, reserved
Cast an eye toward him
Captured a vision
All too careful
To look unconcerned

Tom remarked, how the weather
Was hot today
Tugged at his collar
Loosened his tie
Mary Ann fanned
As sipped at lemonade
Inside their hearts
Clandestine plans made

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: The best thing you did here, and it takes talent to do, is saying what you did in as few words as possible, your economy of words shows great editing skill; you cut to the chase. Not only that, I can SEE what is happening despite the economy of words. I don't like much of what I read on this forum, but this was quite likeable indeed.