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What differentiate humans from animals?

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: many things . To list afew.

1. animals donot hoard. They hunt for their immediate need. Or else a lion would kill a hundred deer and store the carcas for the next 6 months and lazily sleep . Humans do. all the time and at the cost of the need of the others.

2.Animals and insects have always a team work approach to living. From the lowly ants to the mighty elephants. Humans are so greedy they will work and amass for themselves.

3.Most animals have some order in their sexual drive and approach. Onlt humans have the lust and and craze about perverse sex.

4.Mothers of animals` young are very tender , caring and daring to protect their young. Humans? The less said the better. In some countries the sex of the unborn is found out and if it is a female child it is ......... Humans , I am repeating, humans.

5.Animals attack only when they are attacked and their places of stay are threatened . Humans? Do I need to say?

Okay. Okay. humans have power of thinking and discrimination . But , if they are put to bad use do we need them at all?