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What differentiate humans from animals?

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: Humans are animals.

The only differences (that we know about) is our level of consciousness in this state of existence; and our conscious awareness of our surroundings.

We can also think into the future or the past, (so far as we know) lesser animals cannot do any of those things.

Also our ability to reason and use logic, and our ability to think abstract thoughts.
Being able to think abstract thoughts is one of the BIG dividing lines between lesser animals and ourselves.

When humans were finally able (only 35,000-45,000yrs ago) to think abstract thoughts, our culture started to rapidly change from animals, to what we call ourselves today; humans.
We started creating tools, art, societies, and we started to bury our dead. The most amazing thing i have read from many history books, is that a specific thing started this rapid accent into human-hood; which was the use of drugs.
When we started trying out the environment around us, cave man found psilocybin and THC; which altered their perception and was the spark that made us who we are today (the ability to think abstract thoughts)!!